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Steel City Ammunition was established in 2020 to sell high-quality ammunition to gun owners and enthusiasts nationwide. We also offer training programs to civilians in the Steel City itself: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We started as First Line Tactical, which was a training company for civilians. We have since branched into online ammunition sales and are eager to venture into firearm-related sales, including but not limited to operating a range for training and eventually manufacturing under one umbrella.


We believe in fair pricing and forming a relationship with everyone we work with, either as a trainee or as a customer. We look to build long-term connections and believe in transparency. We are passionate about proper training and quality ammunition that puts safety into your hands. Trust Steel City Ammunition for all things ammo and feel confident that your right to bear arms is safe with us. Prepare you to be your family’s first line of defense with Steel City Ammunition today.

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Guns, Ammunition Sales & Training Services


Thorough Firearm Training in Pittsburgh

It is hard to emphasize how crucial quality firearms training is. No reminder is needed for how dangerous firearms are. That is the precise reason why at Steel City Ammunition, we are dedicated to providing American civilians how to safely and adequately exercise their right to bear arms.

We work tirelessly to provide every civilian who trains with us a tested program that is extensive, effective, and welcoming. All of our trainers are highly experienced, as all of them are highly decorated veterans and/or have spent years serving our community in law enforcement. Our goal is for you to trust us, and our experience and knowledge is the first step toward building that trust.

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Steel City Ammunition in Pittsburgh proudly offers ammunition in various calibers from the most reliable manufacturers in the industry. We offer most calibers for most legal civilian weapons on the market. We use our own ammo on our range, and we swear by it. Browse our wide selection of ammo on our online store today, and feel free to contact us if you have questions or concerns.

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